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Welcome to Party Payback

I am delighted that your school has decided to join the Party Payback Scheme.  We hope that we can raise lots of money towards your schools activities.

Encourage your parents to book a party with us, we take all the stress and hard work off parents, we have a fantastic time with the children and then when we’re all cleaned up and finished we immediately write a cheque for your school for 10% of the final party bill and a very proud pupil brings it to your school.

So the more parties you can encourage the more fun is enjoyed and the more funds are raised for your school. Easy!!

The best bit is there is no limit to how much you can earn!!


Q. How much can we earn for our school?

A. As much as you like! 10% from every birthday party and there is no limit to how much you can earn.

Q. One of my pupils has had a party and hasn’t been given a cheque?

A. Please make sure your school has registered to the Party Payback Scheme, only schools that have registered will be issued funds. You can register by sending an email requesting us to contact you and add your school to our Party Schools List at

Q. How often will we receive  cash for the school?

A.  A cheque for 10% of the total party bill is issued to you straight away via the birthday child. If your school would prefer bank transfer or any other form of payment then just let us know and we can set this up for you.

Q. Which party services are available with the scheme?

A. Both the FAB Party Package and the WOW Party Package is included in the scheme, no other services are included at this time.

 Q. How will we receive the money we’ve raised?

A. The very happy birthday child will bring you the cheque made out to your school.

How to promote the scheme in your school

So lets make it really easy, here are a few suggestions to get the word out there and encourage support from everyone at your school.

Why not start a Party Fund Facebook page? You could encourage people to take part, add their party pictures of all the fun they’ve had.

Keep an eye on how much you’re raising and ask for lots of support, if you have playgroups or nurseries attached to your school, you could advertise our services there too.

Hold a themed party at the school, sell tickets, we do all the hard work and you receive the benefits. Halloween and Christmas are great opportunities for this.

Help people choose the right party, show them all of our wonderful themes, they will be spoiled for choice!

Pop our leaflets in the children’s book bags to encourage people to book a party.

Track milestones. Share the news with your school and ask them to help reach the milestone.

Encourage joint birthday parties. acp party payback poster We have prepared various promotional posters that are easily printed off and displayed or added to your latest newsletter and are helpful on your website too, you can download them, just click here. See some tips on how to promote the scheme through social media here.

The more people see and hear about the Party Payback Scheme, the more money your school will earn.