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Party Payback

The  Team at Angels are passionate about having FUN  and giving back to our community. We think it’s so important to invest time, money and lots of effort to help support our kids, after all, they’re our future.

Over the last 5 years we have worked with several schools helping out with Summer, Christmas & charity fairs. We’ve helped out doing parties or character visits, but the problem was, we couldn’t say yes to all that asked. It just wasn’t fair or good enough. We had to come up with something better and we hope that our Party Payback scheme is a much better way of giving back, helping to  support as many of our schools as we can.

In 2013 we raised over £4,000 towards local charities, in 2014 we raised £3,800 in events and schools, 2015 we raised £2660, in 2016 we raised £3320 and we would love to do better in 2017!

So, how much can you earn…

Well, in a nutshell, it’s 10% from every party with us.

Most of our parties over the last few years have been our FAB Party Package and these are generally at home or in smaller venues and normally it’s an average of 10 children. FAB Parties start at £50 plus £10 per child, so your school could earn £15 very easily. We now have WOW Party Packages that start at £350 and these are proving to be very popular, so you would earn at least £35. Even if only a handful of your pupils have a party with us you can see how easily it can turn into a substantial amount towards your schools activities.

It’s really EASY to earn money for your school.

Most children love having parties and let’s face it, most of the time parents dread the hard work and stress that normally accompanies them, why not be the hero to your parents and provide them with a solution. Let us wave our magic wand for your school by providing funds, make your parent’s dreams come true with stress free birthday’s and of course your children’s party memories will be one’s that they cherish forever.

The easy part for you is it’s no extra time, cost or effort on your part for your school. Sound good?  Even better, there is no waiting time or a target to reach before you can redeem and there is no limit on how much you can earn, the funds are yours straight away.

We believe it should be beneficial and stress free for you too!

 How it works…….

You will need your school’s unique party code, again, very easy, it’s the school’s name and postcode.

Please check that we cover your area, you will find which areas and postcodes we cover here.

Simply send us an email registering your interest in joining our wonderful scheme, you will receive an message back within 48 hours to confirm and welcome your school to the scheme, this will also include any promotional material to get you started. Then tell EVERYONE involved with your school and get them to visit either our website or facebook page and we take care of the rest! Simples

Do you want to join the party?

 We have some great but simple idea’s to get you started and promote the Party Payback scheme at your school. We have free downloadable posters, social media strategies and lots more cool idea’s for you to use, find them all here.

If you have any questions just give us a call, we’re a friendly (very bonkers) bunch and we would love to help 07861 599 436.

Terms and conditions

Angel’s Party Payback scheme is a year round scheme allowing all schools and community funded groups to participate. We do hope in the near future that we can include nursery schools, playgroups and other business’s within our scheme, but for the moment it is purely to ‘give back’ to the community and we ask for your understanding with this.  Your school MUST be registered before we can issue any funding.

Need any help or need to know more? Call us now 07861 599 436