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Angels of East Africa

& Sam, the ‘Machine Gun Preacher’

I watched a film called Machine Gun Preacher a few years ago, I was shocked and saddened that this sort of awful horror can happen today in our world. If you get a chance please watch the film ‘Machine Gun Preacher’  it will affect you, I guarantee it! I cried & cried and I knew I had to help in whatever way I could. We try and help out by sending all the kind donations of children’s clothing, toys, and books to the orphanage. I would be truly grateful if you can help too, loves and hugs, Jayne XXX

Please if you have any children’s clothes, toys or books that you are getting rid of, we would love for you to  just bag them up and when we come to your party we can collect them and then send them on to Sam at the orphanage.

Please take a look at the fantastic work that Sam and his wonderful team are doing, he is an inspiration to us all and it proves yes, just one person CAN make a difference!! 

This is what it’s all about…..

Angels of East Africa is a Children’s Village for orphans located in South Sudan dedicated to the rescue, restoration and enablement of children caught in the crossfire of the rebel atrocities in the area. Founded by an unorthodox American pastor from Pennsylvania named Sam Childers, the organization has been operating for a decade, saving the lives of hundreds of children and renewing hope in a reqion where it had all but vanished.

Specifically and most notoriously, the Lords Resistance Army (LRA), led by the warlord Joseph Kony, is culpable for the heinous crimes that plaque the reqion. The threat of attack at the orphanage is a daily reality, but Sam Childers and his team refuse to let the LRA terrorize the children they have worked so hard to rescue and protect.

Children’s Village is the only orphanage in South Sudan that refuses to move or retreat amidst increased rebel attacks or incidents of war.  More than 200 children at the property found their path to shelter in many different ways. Some were brought to the property after they lost their parents to disease. Others walked hours or even days from recently attacked villages, passing out literally as they approached the orphanage gate. Most of the children however, were rescued by the soldiers and staff from Children’s Village after witnessing the murder of their parents or being abducted by rebel groups.

Every child’s story is a bit different, but a common thread binds them all; after experiencing what could only be described as hell on earth, they are eventually rescued by the soldiers and staff at Children’s Village. In a valiant effort that places even their own lives on the line, this devoted staff experiences life every day with these children in order to resurrect hope in their hearts. 

Sam sees Children’s Village as a mission that gives purpose to his life. He would like to see more people join that mission. “A lot of times we might help someone a little bit, but I’m talking about really saving a life. Most of us have never done that, and if people would only learn to really save a life, it would change their own lives, I know, because it has changed mine.”

One Man Can Make a Difference

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